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presidential candidates. >> hey, this is just insane. shirtless man in indiana was just arrested for running on the highway with a samurai sword while yelling that he was cuckoo for co-co puffs. nbc invited him to take part in this night's republican debate. you'll fit right in, come on in, buddy. ford is building a new plant that will create 5,000 jobs, all in india. or as obama put it, you got to be freaking kidding me. this is -- built ford tough. really big movie news, arnold schwarzenegger has officially signed on to star in the "expendables ii" along with sylvester stallone. apparently there's a twist in the end where stallone is like, wait a minute, dad? >> on "jimmy" tonight, blue bloods actor tom sellick, and pearl jam. tonight at 12:35 a.m. >>> time for your "first look" at entertainment news, a hollywood heavyweight suffered a major scare yesterday while out for a run in santa monica, reece witherspoon was hospitalized after being hit by a car while jogging. fortunately the car was only moving about 20 miles per hour and witherspoon is now at home, resting. >>> elsewhere, the web
. >> a viewer from indiana. good evening to you. >> thank you. i liked the president's speech. it provides a lot of different incentives for creating jobs, puts more teachers back to work. in indiana, with our budget crisis we had a couple years ago, had to cut somewhere. i wanted to see what the house will do with it. the republicans control that chamber right now. will they take up this plan, or how well they do it, and handed over to the senate, where i still believe there is some moderates there, especially republicans from maine, and hopefully they can get this passed. people are looking for something to get this coming up and running again. and running again. i liked the president's speech . >> nancy pelosi urge her democratic colleagues to push the committee chairs to move ahead with hearings on the proposals put forth of by the present. the president will travel to richmond tomorrow, part of the congressional district of eric cantor, and tuesday the president will travel to columbus, ohio, the back yard of the speaker of the house. an unemployed worker from kansas. good evening. >> good
you, mr. chairman. at this time i yield three minutes to the gentleman from indiana, dr. brew chard. the chair: the gentleman from indiana is recognized for three minutes. mr. bucshon: first let me thank representative hunter and chairman kleine and ranking member miller and others for their hard work and leadership on this legislation. i rise today as a co-sponsor of h.r. 2218, the empowering patients through quality charter schools act. where american education was once a world leader over the past few decades we are losing our advantage. the empowering patients to quality charter schools act will facilitate the development and replication of high performing charter schools that will help america regain its stature as a leader in educating its citizens. charter schools are created through a contract of local education providers that allow flexibility and innovation in educating our children while maintaining the same requirements and accountability of traditional public schools. charter schools are able to bring innovation and special programming into the curriculum that is unique
not just take them out congressman from indiana saying tea party people want to hang black people from a tree. where is the outrage? if rush limbaugh or you on your radio show said we have to take out obama, you know darn well tomorrow morning every editorial in america would be accusing you of inciting violence. when a liberal does that, not only is it a yawn here you have two from the media, tina brown and barnacle, defending and ed shultz, that idiot, defending this month for making those comments. it is outrageous. tea party people should not stand for this. there should be outrage against msnbc, aiding and abetting on this character assassination campaign against some very good people. >> sean: i agree. they did this before the 2010 election and it didn't work. i don't think it is going to work now. i think there will be a backlash. a price to pay. especially from a president that has called for civility. speaking of which, the president is going to give this big speech. some republicans have said we've heard it all before, we are not going. others said america wants to watch the
the exact path flight 77 followed that fateful day. this indiana teacher has visited twice, bringing fellow educators this time. high schoolers on a previous trip. >> statistics are wonderful and necessary, but until you put a face with that situation, it doesn't become as powerful. and so that's why i like to bring my students. >> reporter: terry otis was seeing the memorial for the first time. >> it hits me really strong. we were at school the day of 9/11. and we felt the sadness and everything. but when you're here, you see it. you see all of the pictures of the people and it -- yeah. it's like it's -- was -- like it just happened yesterday, that feeling of hurt will never go away. what they did to us. >> reporter: as reagan national's airports take off and land overhead, others can't help but imagine what the victims on flight 77 and the other planes endured. >> just on a flight, you know? you think you're just doing your normal everyday life, and then boom. i cannot imagine the fear and the panic. and yet the courage. all the stories that have come out. >> reporter: michelle hiden berg
yesterday with the remnants of lee spinning here in ohio and indiana and the heavy rains right on top of us headed toward the northeast. and these areas are still dealing with what the problem was from irene there. as we go through midday, we'll see areas of showers and storms. that will be the case again tonight. that will be the case again here we are friday morning into friday midday. so, this can go on for another 36 hours before things get better. today, 78. flooding rains at times. tomorrow, 80. more showers and storms. slight chance of a shower. 82. we'll see some sunshine. then on sunday, got the 'skins home opener with the giants and strasburg scheduled to pitch again. 82. with a slim, slim chance we'll see a shower. hang on, folks. could be another rough day. monika? >> it has definitely been a rough morning, not only because of the flooding but now because of an accident as well. my producer and i have been on the phone with maryland state police talking about an accident. we'll go live to the beltway right now. on the inner loop, the accident sits at route 355. you can see the d
marching on a chicago area mosque. nearby in gary, indiana, a mass gunman shot 21 times at a yemeni american clerk. days later a seik man mistaken for an arab american was shot and killed. days later this mosque was shot at. another death threats. following 9/11 reports of hate crimes against arab americans or those perceived to be went up 1,700%. while distrust remains a reality today we found the opposite in one tennessee community. ♪ it's a sunday morning in cordoba, tennessee, and pastor steve stone is rocking along with his congregation. heartsong church just outside memphis sits on a country road directly across the street in a muslim worship center. ♪ when dr. bashar the co-founder of the mem fizz islamic center began construction two years ago, at best he hoped to be ignored, instead pastor stone welcomed the muslims with a surprise. what was your response see a sign like that? >> we saw the sign, we knew that we have good neighbors. >> reporter: good neighbors quickly put to the test. last year, when mic's current building was under construction the muslims needed a pla
of inspiration as far as coming up as a young man from gary, indiana, that i have been able to proguess and do things that i thought that were really never possible. and to do things that i knew could inspire others. deeply rooted, we're talked about connections with world-class art and everyone is capable of it. including you. >> thank you. thank you, josh. love to you all. >> let's go to fenway park in boston, and and jacob, a red sox scholar and you said the sign with your little guys there, "we dream big." is the dream being realized? they're on field at fenway. how are they feeling right now, jacob? >> the words "we dream big" means a lot. they mean you can be successful in life and achieve your goals. because it helps children presevere in life. my dream is to work in law enforcement, to be a cop or anything to help out my community. so, i just want -- that's my dream. >> well, you hope you do. we thank you for standing out there and being part of this magical event. >> it was a big dream for us to do this and we couldn't have done it without our fantastic abc stations all across the nat
as coming up as a young man from gary, indiana, that i have been able to progress and do things that i thought were really never possible. and to do something that i know i can inspire others. and to grow in whatever -- whatever area it is that they love. at deeply rooted, we are taught grassroots connections and world-class art. and everybody is capable of it. including you. >> well, thank you. i love how you're turning your life around and how you did it. thank you, josos we love you all. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's go to fenway park in boston, and and jacob, a red sox scholar. and you said the sign with your little guys there, "we dream big." is the dream being realized? i know it's raining. but they're on the field at fenway. how are they feeling right now, jacob? >> the words "we dream big" means a lot. they mean you can be successful in life and achieve your goals. mostly because it helps children persevere in life. and my dream is to work in law enforcement and to be a cop or anything to help out my community. and everything. so, i just want -- that's my dream. and i have t
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)